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Contest Winner: Mathematickles!

Today, son and I drew the winner of my contest for Betsy Franco's Mathematickles! Everybody's entry was so convincing; thank goodness, I didn't have to make a considered choice. Random was good!

We needed something special to draw the winner's name from. So we sent the zombie salt-and-pepper shakers after the fruit to keep them all busy....

while we borrowed the fruit bowl.

Son reached in to pick one of the pieces of folded paper.

You can see he had to be quick, because the zombie s-and-p shakers decided he was way more interesting than the apples and pears.

Son picked [drum roll....]

Yay, Tara!! Email me at beckylevine at ymail dot com, with your snail mail address, and this fantastic picture book will be on its way to you. I promise NOT to send it by zombie.

FYI, I am not really foolish enough to share my living space with zombie s-and-p shakers. My parents brought these guys back from one of their many trips; in fact, they brought a set for each of my sisters and me. This is how they really work:

See, it's actually very sweet. They're hugging.

Or perhaps they're whispering to each other, hatching some vicious zombie plan...

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