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Six Things (Under My Control) On a Saturday

1. The fact that the house is NOT clean. I put this off by choice to exercise, relax with Terry Pratchett's witches, and get a small project out of the way.

2. The small project. I'm hoping to do some young-reader books for a publisher. Obviously, getting the projects is not under my control, but the writing required for the samples is. SO much more so than that novel that was flinging me around this past week.

3.  The decision to NOT try and work on that novel this week. Family coming, a graduation trip, and--oh, yes--that currently not-clean house. I saw this coming, which is why I dug into the book last week. It's going to be tough stepping back in after a week off, but not nearly as tough as keeping myself sane in the next few days if I try to do it all!

4. The music I listen to. Thanks to the little thumbs-down icon on Pandora, I can tell my radio station that, no, I do not consider The Eagles or James Taylor as similar to Crosby, Stills, & Nash. I'm not even sure I'd put Neil Young in with them. A simple click with my mouse--such power.

5. How fast my laptop runs. Well, this is not completely under my control, since I can only upgrade it so far, and I did have to do a reality check with tech-guru brother-in-law that I was buying the right stuff. But yes, it has been ordered and will soon be flying it's way at light speed to my house.

6. The fact that I do NOT have to be followed on Twitter by someone whose tweets are all in a different language. One I don't speak (or read!). I mean, really, what IS the point?

If you sense a frantic grasping at these items, a sort of lighting of a very flickery candle in the darkness, you've got it. With a novel that is not yet telling me what it wants to be, a week that looks to be all incoming and outgoing, and a governor who has obviously decided that Illinois has been getting WAY too much attention and is plotting to CLOSE THE STATE PARKS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1902!!! ... well, yes, at this point, I'll claim control where I can find it.

Breathing calmly for seven days until life, probably minus those parks, settles back into sanity.

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