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Six on a Saturday

1. It is hot. And it will be hotter tomorrow. The fans are up and on, and the window shades down. And I made ice cubes. Survival likely, if not pleasant.

2. Started working on my copyedits for The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide. Pretty clean, so it's mostly a matter of reminding my brain to make connections between what's marked on a page and what I know might be related somewhere else. Lots of page-flipping, at least the metaphorical kind, since I'm working in Word files.

3. We are deep into Season 4 of Angel. I did a bit of reading ahead online, so I know a bit more about what's coming than do son and husband. No spoilers coming out of this mouth, though!

4. I can't believe next week is the 4th of July. Time during summer seems to go through bizarre warps and wefts (??), slow then...zoom! We may skip fireworks this year and opt for the opening of Ice Age 3. LOVE those movies.

5. Son starts his video-game programming camp on Monday. This means mornings free for me, and another mom and I are carpooling, so I should make some more progress on the WIP. And on the copyedits.

6. Trying to remind myself that writing is a journey, not a single, immediate accomplishment that turns life around with a snap of the fingers. Remembering that every step I take, every hour I am working with words is getting me closer to...something. :)

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