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Friday Five

1. I'm trying to learn to "chunk" time for online/social-networking stuff. I'm putting it on the calendar, along with other writing and non-writing tasks. Next week starts my first-draft blast, and I need to be a bit less scattered, if I want to get that draft done by the end of June.

2.Reading Jeannine Garsee's Before, After, and Somebody In Between, and loving it. Fast, fast, fast. And POWER.

3. Why does having a spotless kitchen feel so good, while making it spotless, or even THINKING about making it spotless gives me a headache?

4. We are having THE perfect weather this week. 75-80, with a slight breeze. I could live in this all year long.

5. Trying to teach son's cockatiel to whistle the first "line" of Hall of the Mountain King. It would probably work better if I could whistle it.

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