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Tomorrow....I'm Off!

No, I'm not leaving town. I'm writing a novel. (Man, I love saying that!).

All the research and thinking and planning is coming to a head, and I start my first draft tomorrow. A couple of writing friends are joining me in writing first drafts of their books, starting June 1. I looked at that week and realized we had family visiting and were going out of town, and I decided the "game rules" allowed me a head start!

My "count" goal is to write as many non-weekend days as I can, and write a minimum of 10 pages written on those days. 12 would be better. The real goal, though, is to write all the way through from the first scene to the last and do my best to get some real things happening in between. I haven't managed to plot all the way through, so I know I'll need to spend some time plotting forward as I go, but I'm going to try and do little bits at a time and still keep moving forward on the page count.

I have a feeling I'll still be posting plenty on my blogs, because when I get into a project like this, my brain tends to bubble with all sorts of ideas. I'll try to include a page count/progress status when I do post, just to help me on that accountability thing. You may see fewer comments from me over these weeks, but I'll be reading your posts, too, just maybe not being as chatty back!

I'm facing all this with that mix of excitement and fear. Yes, I could really do without the fear, but it and I are making a deal. I know I can't stop it from popping in every now and then, but I don't have to be nice to it. Any visit will be greeted with a firm, not even polite, door-in-the-face.

Here's to a great writing month for everyone! :)
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