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What I'm Bringing with Me

It has been a week since I wrote on my WIP. I knew this was going to happen--it's the time of year for craziness and fun distractions, after all. Yesterday, my Illinois sister came through on the way to help ship her son and his stuff home from his first year at college. She and I looked at maps of Chicago and hotel websites and got some planning done for my trip out this weekend. We shopped and went out for sushi. We ate ice cream.

She's heading out soon to meet her son at the dorm and see whether he's actually put any of his stuff into a suitcase or box. :) When she's gone, I'm going to sit down in my office and open up the WIP. After a week. Yipes.

Surely, I learned something in this week that I can bring back with me to the book. Surely, something was sitting in my brain bubbling away. Maybe.

What I actually think/hope I am bringing with me is a more relaxed state of mind. I wouldn't have said so going into this past week. I was in a very tight, twisted knot about how the first draft wasn't going smoothly OR fast, and how I was going to make NO progress on it, etc. etc.

Well, who can write like that? Not me. And I realized that if this is how I start my summer, then I will be perhaps productive through it, but I will very likely be a nut case by the end of it. (More so than usual.) And I will not be happy about the hours I have spent with Caro.


So, yes. I will still try and get through the draft by the end of June. I will put in hours every day I can, and I'm actually thinking about rearranging my writing time, so that I'm writing evenings into night and not pushing myself out of bed so early in the a.m. I'm going to clear deck time in the middle of the day for what I call "available time" with my son. I.e., he may want to have nothing to do with me, but if/when he does, I won't be so wrapped up in getting back to the computer. And I'm going to stock up on Tamora Pierce novels, which I just discovered, and make sure I get some relaxing, pleasure reading in every day. Without multi-tasking through it. I'll be trying very hard to spend less scattered time online, but will try to chunk it out and maybe catch up every couple of days, not stay caught up each day. This is hard for me, not just because of habit, but because I do get energy from connecting with other writers and what they're doing. I'm just going to have to take in that energy less often and build on the energy from focused writing instead.


I want to love this story, not hate it. And the amount of words I can get onto the page in frustration and stress are going to be words I don't want to work with later, so that pretty much nullifies the quantity.

Whew. So, yes, that's what I'm thinking this week off brought me. That and family and friends and Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. Sounds like a good deal.
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