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This feels more like a Friday Five than a Thankful Thursday, but the thankfulness is woven through the post.

1. The writing goes well. Relaxed mode works MUCH better than not-relaxed (I know, I can hear the big DUH! from all of you), and the words are coming. They words are not good, but the ideas that are coming with them may be. Although, honestly, I just don't see how I can weave fairy tales into this story. Perhaps my muses are being tricksters this week, or have come to the wrong GPS coordinates. If anyone else thinks the fairy-tale thing works beautifully with their WIP, give a whistle and get these guys out of here, will you?

2. School. Ends. Tomorrow. I'm not sure what it says about school that it's almost as big a relief to me to have summer here as it is to my son. Homework last night. Really. A test in the same class where they already took a final. No backpacks allowed the last three days of school, which-IMHO--just increases the chance that the one piece of homework won't make it to 5th period, where it is due. And I keep thinking that writing will become easier when I'm NOT juggling it with last-minute run-around things. (Yes, that last statement COULD be delusional.)

3. Because School. Ends. Tomorrow, we of the carpool are celebrating today with frozen yogurt. Apparently, everyone else in the world except me has been to the frozen yogurt shop in town where 13-year-old boys (and, yes, 50-something-year-old men) cannot finish the medium size with toppings. I'll pick the kids up, call the other mom to meet us, and go inhale, literally, mounds of cold chocolatey things. Did I mention I exercised HARD this a.m.?

4. I think we are finally going to see UP tomorrow night. My nephew told his mom that it was really intense, as in some sad stuff. And I've been reading that people (okay, mostly moms) have cried. This is why I love Pixar. They do animation AND story. Plus, they give me a chance to eat junior mints.

5. If anybody knows Tamora Pierce personally, please tell her she has saved my sanity this month. I have a stack of books on my nightstand, all with her name on them, and I am dropping in and out of them whenever I need to relax out of the day, to take a breather before I get back to writing. Son picked one up last night &, about 25 pages in, said, "Okay, I'm hooked."

6. I have joined kidlit-kim and carriejones and solvangsherrie  and goodness knows who else in the Push-Up Challenge. I did my test yesterday. Okay.... And I did my first day's push-ups. I will state here that I did NOT use my test as the first set of the day! I don't honestly expect to be able to do 100 push-ups ever, but I'm pretty sure I'll make a personal best that's better than the test!

7. Saturday is pretty much given over to the Bar Mitzvah of one of my son's oldest, if not THE oldest, friends. Bar mitzvahs (or bat mitzvahs) have never been part of my family's life. My dad just told me the story of when my g-grandfather brought a rabbi out to the farm near L.A. where my grandfather grew up, probably to start teaching him and his younger brother Hebrew, in prep for their bar mitzvahs. Apparently, Grandpa and my g-uncle set off firecrackers under the rabbi's chair. There went THAT tradition. :)

But my son met this boy at preschool, before they were two. I remember the day this little toddler ran into the "infant" room and said, CLEARLY, all the names of the Sesame Street characters on the wall. We have photos of these two digging in the sandbox together, I have memories of them playing make-believe games hour after hour after hour together. They're taking a video-game programming camp together this summer. They've stayed close even though they haven't been at the same school since they were four.

I don't speak Hebrew and I'm not up on the ceremony. It'll be long hours of not quite knowing what's going on. It doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure I'll still cry. Lots.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody, and Happy Summer Vacation!

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