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In Which I Share Steampunk Goodies from My Librarian

This is my library.

I usually go to the Bookmobile's twice-a-month stop at my son's elementary school, but during the summer I sometimes drop off and pick up books at a different stop, later in the day. I did that yesterday. They know me so well and are so great to me and wonder when I don't show up. Yesterday, I felt as if I should be calling "Honey, I'm home!" as I came up the steps.

One of the bookmobile librarians, in particular, reads a lot of YA and sci-fi and fantasy and we trade titles back and forth. This week, she wasn't there. I think she was actually at Comicon (if I have the dates right), because she was telling me last time about the Star Trek and Steampunk costumes she was making.

Anyway, we got into what the heck steampunk is, and I found out I've actually read and liked some. Who knew?

This week, with my hold books, she'd left me an article about Steampunk Fantasy. It's "Full Steam Ahead" by Stephanie Klose and was published in the March 2009 issue of In the article, Klose quotes Jeff VanderMeer's equation for steampunk:

"Mad scientist inventor + [invention (steam x airship or metal man divided by baroque stylings) x (pseudo) Victorian setting] + progressive or reactionary politics x adventure plot = steampunk."

Who could resist?

She also left me a stack of reviews for steampunk novels to add to my to-read list. And, lucky you, I'm going to share them here.

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