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Tired Tuesday

If you're interested in being a stop on the road-trip of Mary Pearson's ARC, The Miles Between, don't forget to leave a comment at my contest post. We'll draw the winner Friday.

Got myself to push through a LOT of chapters today, just checking last stuff on the copyedits. My eyes are bonked, but it feels good. A couple of things to finish up in the morning, they go.

Son is having a mini film-fest/sleepover here tomorrow. My plan, curl up with a binder of research from the web and just let myself skim it for goodies. Maybe I'll even do that in front of the movies--they're renting BOTH Men in Black films. :)

And we'll be offering son's friend my father's gourmet invention: A peanut-butter-and-jelly omelet. Hey! Stop that gagging noise. You haven't even tried it yet. Son, who is normally rather...choosy, likes them, and his friend will supposedly eat anything.

We have bagels for back-up.

Off to rest my eyes with someone ELSE'S book! Ta. :)

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