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Two Pieces of Happy News on a Wednesday

Two hours ago, I sent off the email with the latest set of revised files for the critique book. Okay, there are two tiny files still coming my way, but I don't expect any changes of real size, so I'm calling myself "done." I think the next step is the page design, and since I am completely artistically challenged, I am beyond pleased to think of this job in someone else's creative hands. And I can't wait to see what it all looks like. In each of the the how-to-critique sections, I've got examples of an overall written up critique, and a page of line-editing critiquing. When I typed in the info, it got the point across about what I wanted to do, but it looks pretty much like...garbage. I'm really excited to think about these being transformed into, well...not garbage.

The second thing is that I decided, once again, that this is not the month to do lasik. Maybe, hopefully, not the year. I know, I know--just lay down, open my eyes, and let them cut. And I might still go there. But my wonderful, genius, patient-saint-of-an-eye-doctor has come up with another way to try and make it all work with glasses. And, yes, while you will now get to see that old-fashioned bifocally line across the lenses when you meet me, I will hopefully have a vision tool I can work with.

Plus I got to pick out new frames, which is always fun. These are just a little less John Lennon/Benjamin Franklin and a little more...oh, I don't know. I'll have to get a new profile pic, and you can tell me.

So today ends with me once again revision and eye-slicing free. Which makes me perhaps a wimp, but a happy wimp.

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