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Thankful Thursday-A Tough One

The thankful part is for all the wonderful friends I've made on LiveJournal the last few years. The tough part is that I've decided I need to close down my LiveJournal blog.

Wait! I'm not going away. :)

Most of you, but not all (?) may know that I also blog at my wordpress website, I started this site/blog last fall, when I knew I was for sure getting to write the critique book and wanted a better, more professional site. At that time, I couldn't stand the idea of letting LJ go, and I thought I should keep the posts at my website more...not sure what. Yes, professional. Maybe instructive/helpful? So I got into this blogging-at-two-places thing.


It worked for a bit, but I've been feeling spread thin, in terms of blogs, for a while now. And--here's the rub--because I need to keep a post or two a week up at the other blog, I'm doing less of my fun, more personal blogging here. And that's not making me happy. So...I'm going to combine it all. At the other place. I'm going to close down the LJ blog and move myself and my more casual posts about life, writing ups & downs, and kids' book reviews and contests over to the wordpress blog. (I'll still be trying to get one "meaty" post up once a week-ish.) So, if you like this blog, you don't have to miss me. :) I've got an RSS feed up on the site, and many months ago, the generous
Susan Taylor Brown created a specific-to-LiveJournal feed here, in case you want to add the other blog to your LJ Friends page.

I'm not shutting down the account, because I'll still be reading your posts on my own Friends page, and I'll be commenting! The writers and other bloggers on LiveJournal are such an incredible community; you guys are my drawing-board, my support system, my reality check. You're one of those big parts of life that remind me why I'm doing this work. Again, that's the THANKFUL part. It's also the sad part.

But...I'm hoping, truly, that you'll all come along for the ride. Even though this move isn't going to change anything for me, in terms of actual numerical minutes of time, my hope is that it's going to loosen things up for me over at the other site, and I can get back to loving to blog. 'Cause that's where I want to be. :)

See you all around the blogs, one way or another!

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