July 10th, 2009

The Miles Between Roadtrip Continues--Contest Winner!

I just finished reading Mary Pearson's The Miles Between, and I loved it. I posted over at my other blog about secrets today and what I've learned from seeing how Mary uses them for tension in both this book and in The Adoration of Jenna Fox.

Everybody's been saying this--that The Miles Between is very different from Jenna, and I'd agree. But I really loved it--the quirkiness of the kids and they day they have and what it leads to...wonderful.

So I'm supposed to post photos of the book in my hometown. Well, I don't live in a hometown--we're about five minutes outside of Los Gatos, California, just a bit up into the mountains. I knew, though, when I saw the contest, exactly where I wanted to take the photos.

Here's the ARC.

And here's me, the ARC and both of los gatos.

This driveway is just off Highway 17, the road that leads from Los Gatos over the hill to Santa Cruz. It's at the end of a big parking lot, at the other end of which is The Cats restaurant. The restaurant is in a really old building, up against the hillside--and it used to serve great steaks in a very funky atmosphere. Last year or so, the owner decided to retire and sell. We've held our breath, hoping someone would take it over and keep it funky, that it wouldn't be torn down for something new and shiny. And it looks like we're going to get our wish--it's going to reopen, and all reports point to the new owner staying true to as much of the old aura as possible.

I have no idea what the cat statues are about. The funny thing is that I have never seen anyone go in or come out of that gate. I think I always thought of that driveway and whatever was up there as abandoned. Nope. Just as we were packing up the book and camera & getting ready to leave, a shiny, new, bright yellow SUV (land rover, maybe?) drove out. And I'm not going to give away anything about the book, but after reading it, that just seems such an amazingly perfect thing to have happened, on that day.

So, that's where the ARC made it to this week. And today, as promised, I asked son to draw the name of my contest winner, so we can send the book further along on it's roadtrip.

And son drew...Jeannine Atkins! Yay! :)

Jeannine, my turn to need YOUR mailing address. Send me an email & I'll put the book in the mail! And Mary's "rules" for the roadtrip are here at her blog.
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