July 16th, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful the latest heat wave decided to only hang around a couple of days. The house is cool enough to work and think again.

2. I'm thankful my son is having a good time at his cousin's--going to the Exploratorium, riding some concrete slide thingy, and doing the Alcatraz tour this weekend. It means I can have long hours of productivity AND non-productivity without feeling guilty.

3. I'm thankful for people who are happy to help with research. Yesterday, I talked to a museum librarian in Chicago, and was so nice--completely welcoming about my questions and my upcoming visit. I also emailed back & forth with....IDA B. WELLS' GREAT-GRANDSON. OMG.

4. I'm thankful that husband and I are getting fun time together this week. Last night, we saw The Proposal and pretty much laughed the whole way thru. Tonight, we're meeting friends in Santa Cruz at a Sri-Lankan restaurant we've never tried. We may even go for ice cream.

5. I'm thankful that I've got things relatively together for the Chicago trip and that I got thru the copyedits for the critique book. (They're working on the page design now!) This means that I'm actually going to be able to step back into the WIP a bit this week & get reacquainted with the story.

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