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In Which I Get an Idea

My son is re-reading (again!) Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books. He's on The Titan's Curse, which, of course, he'll be finishing way too early (again!) since the next one's not due out for a couple more months. 

Anyway, he was talking about the great chapter titles this morning and reading some of them out loud to me. Among all his other talents, Riordan is the master of the one-liner, and that's really what his titles are. I was saying they're almost as good as the old Winnie the Pooh chapter titles.


"In Which Piglet Meets a Heffalump"

"In Which Tigger is Unbounced"

Then we started playing with Riordan's titles, and you know what? If you stick an "In Which" in front of them, they ARE as good as Milne's!


"In Which I Wrestle Santa's Evil Twin"

"In Which I Learn How to Grow Zombies"

I needed the game, because I started out the morning in one of those whole What-Is-This-Writing-Process-Publishing-Game-Thingy-About moods, and playing with these words lifted me out. And something must have sparked inside, because about five minutes after I got home, I got an idea for another WIP.

Normally, I'm a one-idea-person. Okay, for the series I'm working on, I'm bubbling with ideas. But it seems like when I'm in love with one character (or two, but in the same book), that's where I am. I think about that character, I think like them, and I get into a sort of tunnel-vision mode about writing. And that can lead to a bit of what-if panic. What if this is all I can write? What if I never get another good story in my brain? You all know the routine, I'm sure. 

This morning, I broke out of the worry. Who knows, as with all ideas, where this will go,'s here now!  And the cool thing is, there are two things I have to do before digging into plot. First comes some research, which will fit nicely into my Nonfiction Monday blogs. And, simultaneously, I have to get me a stack of the best middle-grade historical fiction out there and READ. How sad for me. :)

Actually, this post should be titled, "In Which I Get TWO Ideas." The first is the story idea. The second is...hey, I can ask you guys for help. I know about Karen Cushman, and I'll be going back to her, but all you readers and librarians (Stella!) must know some great titles. I'm not worrying about the historical period or voice at this point, I just need to immerse myself in the genre. (Isn't that just a wonderful phrase?!) comments are the place to be today! Send me any and all suggestions, and off I'll go!
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