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Summer Contest Coming

One of the things I truly love about the blogs is reading about other writers' processes. Sometimes, the processes are full of problems, but sometimes they're full of new ideas and different approaches, thoughts that set me off in a new direction that I very much need.

This summer, some people are writing first drafts. Some are putting in edits from publishers and agents. Some, like me, are revising. For all of us, probably, the work will include...plotting.

Plotting never seems to go away. It's always been a particular challenge for me, because I rarely read for plot. I love mysteries, but I hardly ever guess whodunnit--even when I'm reading an Agatha Christie novel for the tenth time. (Until I started studying the book as an example of great clue-burying, I never could tell you who murdered Roger Ackroyd.) I tend to fall in love with a character or a voice and just lose myself in that part of the story. 

Which does me no good, of course, when I'm writing. 

Anyway, as a summer celebration, I thought I'd run another contest. And, since, no matter what stage of your story you're at, you'll be struggling playing with plot, I decided to make the prize something that will make that play more fun! This Friday, I'll post an interview with Martha Alderson, and give away a copy of one of Martha's DVDs. 

Martha is the author of Blockbuster Plots: Pure and Simple. She's also a teacher and does incredible classes. Come by Friday, or any time the week after, and leave me a comment about the interview. The lucky winner will win Martha's  Plot Guide for Children's Book Authors. On the DVD, Martha teaches writers how to develop a strong plot, using scenes from Gennifer Choldenko's wonderful Al Capone Does My Shirts

And, heck, if you haven't read it yet, pick up a copy of Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd! Let me know if YOU guess the ending. :)

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